GIN Shaman3 9m RTF

  • Verkaufe einen GIN Shaman3 9m RTF

    • Inkl GIN & Tonic V3 Iced Bar 45cm / 52cm and 20m + 4m Lines
    • Sehr stabiler Kite mit viel Power!
    • Neuwertiger Kite & inkl Garantie
    • VP Fr 1100

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    The 3rd generation of SHAMAN is the result of intensive development by the renowned Swiss designer Olivier Nef, by the tuner Claude Thurnheer and our research team and the GIN riders.

    • You need a light and reduced volume snowkite?
    • You like the safety side of the single surface kites, but you expect to have a silent and performer kite above your head?
    • You want to feel yourself safe in strong conditions with a kite that loses instantly its power?
    • You expect to keep easily the kite on the ground just by pulling softly on your kite leash?

    The SHAMAN 3 is made for you!

    • The skin construction reduces the weight of almost 50% of a standard foil kite
    • The cells on the wingtips cancel out the vibrations and the noisy flapping
    • The profile of the SHAMAN 3 allows for a super stable kite with a huge depower
    • The intermediate aspect ratio offers an impressive performance
    • Constructed according to Swiss design and with high-quality materials (Skytex 38 cloth from Porcher, France)
    • Developed for the GIN ICED BAR V3, certified according to European norm (AFNOR)
    • 5th line quick release system that allows you to land the kite with an extremely low residual power, even in strong winds
    • 5th line system to maintain the kite on the ground without any effort
    • Comes with a compression strap and a light inner bag