Beiträge von Klep

    Great, Thanks for the reply and for the advice.

    Is anybody from the forum going to be there on Wednesday? I'm still on the fence about going since the wind doesn't look great from the forecast, but I don't know if i should consider a bit of thermal wind on top of that.

    Hi All, I have set-up few wind alerts and it seems that on Wednesday there should be some wind in many spots, but I was interested to check Kehlhof on lake Zürich.

    Is this a good enough wind for that spot? is kite really allowed on this spot and at this time of the year? Are there other spots where kite is allowed on lake Zürich?

    I would be interested to know if any of you kite at this spot and if you are there on Wednesday.

    Many thanks and sorry if I wrote this in english, but my german ist nicht so gut.