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    Freeride Kitesurf has different Kite Safari downwinder routes in Brazil for this 2018 season. Below you can read about each route. For dates and more detailed info please you can find it here:

    Here you have some info on what you can expect from the different downwind routes in the North East of Brazil:

    Classic route - generally from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara -> 280km between these two world class famous spots. It's the best know part of Brazil's northeast coast. Numerous small fishing villages, exoctic landscapes, rivermouths, lagoons and medium sized waves, mostly at the beginning. This downwinder can be done in 7 days but it's better to do it in at least 12-15 days, as there are plenty of hidden spots around each village where you stop and therefore is good to have the time to go and explore them!

    North route - Usually from Barra Grande up to Atins -> around 200km in which you'll ride along the coastline of two different states - Piauí and Maranhao. This downwinder crosses the Delta of Parnaiba - the biggest Delta in the Americas - formed by a chain of small islands surrounded by perfect flat water spots. The trip ends in Atins and the Lençois Maranhenses National Park - where the Redbull Rally dos Ventos takes place - a park of dunes and lagoons formed by natural water during the rainy season.

    East of Fortaleza - Distance covered: around 200km. This is still a rare route to do on a downwinder as most of the people tend to go to spots west of Fortaleza, thinking the wind is only there. This downwinder usually starts in Tremembé - Icapuí and finishes in Iguapé, just at the doorstep of Fortaleza. During this downwinder you'll ride on the best flat water spots in the northeast of Brazil - spots like Pontal do Maceió, Parajuru, Uruaú or Barra Nova.

    Rio Grande do Norte - From Pipa to Galinhos - 230km. This downwinders mixes world class wave and flat water spots. You'll kite in spots like Pipa (waves & flat), Sao Miguel do Gostoso (waves & flat or Galinhos (wave & flat). This part of the State of Rio Grande do Norte is well known for its amazing landscapes and beautifull streches of beach.

    It's difficul to decide which route is better. They all offer something unique, but very probably the most known is the classic route and lately the North route is starting to be more popular - definitely this last one is the most adventurous one!

    Have you tried any of them? Which one do you prefer?

    Hope this is useful!