Zu verkaufen 2018er North Hybrid 5.3" Directional Board mit viel Zubehör optional, <10 x benutzt


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Englisch wegen global international und so weiter .... bi Bedarf chani's aber au usdütsche :)
Fantastic directional mid-wave board 4 sale, used <10 x since ca. May 2018. It is an hybrid board with a fixed 4-hole North/Duotone/... standard hydrofoil mount. Lots of accessories : board jersey condom :) , 2 straps, non-coiled leash ca. 2m for aggressive wave riding. No travel or impact dents, some minor scratches. I rarely go wave riding in 1 year therefore the sell. It sticked to my feet like glue in the brasilian waves, so who's next to enjoy the waves on this brilliant directional?
The above can be viewed and sold around central Switzerland, no hassle with sending / postal / international, thank you.