Verkaufe Crazyfly Thunder 5'5" 2011

  • Verkaufe ein kaum gebrauchtes Directional - ich wollte es als Leichtwindboard einsetzen, bin mit meinen knapp 100 kg aber etwas zu schwer bzw. das Board zu klein für mich. Inkl. Footstraps.
    Schnäppchenmitnahmepreis CHF 300.--

    Hier eine Beschreibung aus dem Netz (Katalog Crazyfly):

    CrazyFly 2011 wave boards come in 5'5" and 6’2’’sizes. It has a
    construction of a real surf board. High density EPS core reinforced
    with wood on the deck are the most balanced combination for the
    best wave riding experience. Real surf rails tucked under edge make
    it easy to hold carves perfectly, whether it is a sharp one or a wider
    Flat rocker and concave bottom generate superior rocket like glide to
    make you feel like a flying bullet. Unlike a real bullet, this one is under
    control. Due to its smaller size it is suitable for powered agile turns
    and easy jumps. This wave board is one of the lightest and most
    durable products on the market.
    It comes with one piece EVA pro footpad with heel step, symmetrical
    straps, and three minituttle carbon fins.

    Passende Dakine Trage/Flugtasche kann günstig mitgekauft werden.